CTi Frequently Asked Questions

CTi products can be applied over an porous material, vertical or horizontal. Surfaces should be concrete, stone, slate, brick, river rock, cool deck or plywood. 

Yes, this is an excellent product for pool decks and copings. It is non-skid, cooler than standard concrete and resists stains and chemicals while also attractive is color and design. 

Foot traffic can begin, excluding high heels, when the acrylic sealer is dry which is at minimum 24 hours. Vehicle traffic can begin after seven days. 

An average job will take one to three days depending on the condition of the concrete. If new concrete is poured a part of the repair of enlargement prices, the standard concrete will required a 7 days cure before CTi can be applied. As with all exterior surfacing, CTi can not be applied in the rain. 

Yes, it can be installed in varying thickness to change the pitch of existing concrete. 

Yes, cracks are repaired by "V" grinding the cracked areas and filling them with a special fiber reinforced epoxy. A tension relief joint is then cut over the crack area.

No, the control and expansion joints are there to permit the concrete to move. If the existing control and expansion joints were not properly placed when the concrete was poured, we will cut the necessary joints into to reduce random cracking. 

CTi surfaces will virtually last a lifetime when properly maintained. In addition it can be easily repaired during its useful life. 

It's economical. If you choose to replace concrete you will incur the cost of rip-out, disposal, forming and the pouring of standard concrete or Paterned Concrete. Standard concrete will again, over a short period of time, absorb oil stains, show salt damage. With CTi, existing concrete is strengthend and the surface is beautified at a great value. 

This surface will not show wear provided the acrylic sealer is reapplied occasionally. We estimate this to be needed no sooner than 3.3 years under normal traffic conditions.