Brief Introduction

CTI Unique Coating System

CT International is the regional distributor for Concrete Technology Inc (CTi) unique acrylic cement coating product. This environmental safe coating system can take any structural shape sound and give it new life with beautiful durable finish whether its sub-zero temperatures or heat exceeds 50 degC countries. CTI Coating is the perfect protection system against freezing, thawing, fading, salts, alkalis, stains, heat, UV, chemicals and its twice the strength than normal concrete and about 40% cooler than other material able to stand up the extremes for home, commercial, industry applications indoor or outdoor.

Since 1991, CTi successful established a network of more than 1500 dealers through the US and 22 countries with more than 500 million square feet coat applied to different users, and today we bring the opportunity to the creative people in the region to establish their own entrepreneur business through proven dealer model.