Euro Counter System

The revolutionary ECS (Euro Counter System)

Launched at our February, 2008, Dealer Rally, the ECS interior counter top system mimics the look of polished stone, such as granite or marble. One of its industry unique features is that it is applied directly on top of the existing laminate surface.

  • Application is as follows

    1. The surface of the laminate is lightly sanded to create some mechanical “bite” for the ECS product.
    2. A light base coat of the ECS mixture is then brushed onto the laminate.
    3. Several additional coats are then troweled onto the base coat.
    4. The desired colorants are then sprayed on top of the product for a “marbled” look.
    Depending upon the base colors and sprayed colors, each counter top becomes its own, unique, work of art.
    5. To complete the new counter top, several specialty sealers are available to achieve the depth, chemical resistance and durability desired.

CTi’s Eurobond allows a homeowner the look and durability of granite or marble at a fraction of the cost! Additionally, the finished product can be created in any color or mix of colors the homeowner desires. (You can match existing décor rather than having to redecorate a kitchen to match a new counter top.) Eurobond can also be used for interior flooring. This allows you to install a matching floor and counter top, something that is not practical (nor affordable) with a natural stone product.

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