CTI International is the regional distributor for

CTI International is the regional distributor for Concrete Technology Inc in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). and the countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Egypt.


We provide a unique opportunity to every determined business centered individual who would like to join our team, we offer a dealership package to all our dealers with no fees, or other charges other than the product, equipment and marketing material you’ll need to effectively start a Dealership in your area.


CTi provides its Dealers with an outstanding combination of initial training on its main product lines along with ongoing training via videos, the Internet, Dealer meetings and other venues. This, along with our award-winning support, means you can build a business on your own but don’t have to feel like you’re alone. Our training, combined with a home-based business setup, provides the Dealer with a high margin, low overhead, easy to run the business.

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Quick Overview

“Bringing Design & Beauty to Concrete Floors & Wall Around the World”

  • Dealer Advisor

    • CT International objective is to recruit Dealers willing to follow a proven system. CTi sells its products only to our Certified Dealers. As Your Dealer Advisor, I will help determine the level or package that best fits your needs. CTi Advisors with you every step of the process.

CTi… Nothing is left to chance!

The CTi opportunity through its CT International regional distributor extends well beyond the boundaries of your initial inquiry. We not only offer a unique means to achieve your goals, we also put at your disposal the finest proprietary software, videos, manuals and support structure to assist you in exceeding your expectations. No other business opportunity offers you such a well defined, well supported, success-driven road to your vision. Every step has been thought out, indeed experienced by our Dealer Network over fifteen years and bolstered by the most professional sales, marketing and training presentations available for any industry!  Following are just a few examples…Read More »

Introduction to the concept of business

CT International is the Distributor for the Concrete Technology Inc. (CTi) products within the MENA Region.

CTi is the manufacturer of one of the fastest growing products in the home, commercial and city improvement industry today. CTi has been listed in INC Magazine’s prestigious INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies. In addition, CTi has been listed in Deloitte and Touche’s Technology 500 as one of the top new technology companies in America today.

CTi has installed over 200 million square feet of its easy to use spray system for thousands of satisfied home and commercial business owners throughout the USA and in 22 countries.

CTi is headquartered in the beautiful Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Its international headquarters and training facility is where Dealers from around the globe have started their new businesses with CTi.Read More »

Benefits of Using the CTI System

The CTI System is Freeze/Thaw Resistant, the normal movement of concrete is what normally causes it to look bad over time.  The CTI System is more flexible and able to withstand this movement without cracking.Read More »